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What are the maximum income limits per family?

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The CHA uses HUD income limits to determine program eligibility which is based on 80% of the median income. Applicants should include all income in household (employment, social security, disability benefits, etc.). The current HUD income limits for the Columbia area are:

One Person          $35,950

Two Persons        $41,050

Three Persons      $46,200

Four Persons        $51,300

Five Persons         $55,450

Six Persons          $59, 550

Seven Persons     $63, 650

Eight Persons       $67, 750

Note: Because HUD establishes Income Guidelines on an annual basis, the CHA recommends that if the applicant family is slightly over income but needs housing assistance, they should apply and the CHA will review the family information when the applicant file reaches the top of the waiting list.